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Whiskey Sour – better than a steak in a bottle October 23, 2014

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IMG_0905 I should preface this post with an admission that I am writing it while drinking, so I am not responsible for what I may say here.
This drink (at least this version) has an egg white in it, so in my books it counts as a smoothie and therefore can be consumed at any time during the day. I had it with French Toast (yum, the classic breakfastfordinner that I serve whenever my fella isn’t around for dinner), so it pairs well with most anything.

2 oz bourbon (I used some sweet Elijah Craig that I got in the States for about 1/3 the price we would pay up here)
1 oz simple syrup
3/4 oz lemon
1 t egg white
Dash bitters – optional (I used Bittermans ‘Elemakule Tiki’)
Splash orange juice – optional

Toss ingredients in shaker without ice and shake until emulsified. Add ice and shake until chilled. Pour into some fantastic vessel and garnish with a maraschino cherry. Enjoy! Ren