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A Perfect Cup of Coffee October 4, 2011

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Given that the founding members of this blog all appreciate a great cup of coffee, it only seems fitting to have a post on creating the perfect cup of coffee at home. Of course, this is my preferred method of attaining caffeine euphoria each morning, but I’m sure it is just one of many ways to get there. I like this method because it’s simple and a bit old fashioned. No fancy machinery required….unless you want to, that is.

The Equipment
French press: I prefer a Bodum as they seem to hold up to more wear and tear
Coffee grinder: a conical burr grinder is ideal, but any old grinder will work
Kettle of sorts: anything from a stovetop kettle to a fancy variable temperature kettle will work
A wooden or plastic stirring utensil
A much loved mug!

The Beans
Ideally, your beans will be fair trade, organic and roasted locally so that they’re fresh. If they’re black and oily, that means they’re either over-roasted or old or both. Perfect beans aren’t often cheap, so just go with the best you can do. For a treat, I have yet to find a better roaster than Transcend – thankfully they deliver to Calgary with reasonable shipping rates.

The Process

  1. Heat water to just below boiling (197-200F)
  2. While water is heating, grind beans to a large/coarse grind
  3. Add grounds (~60g  for 1L of water) to french press and top with a pinch of salt to cut any bitterness
  4. Once water boils, remove from heat for 15 seconds, then top up the press with water
  5. Stir and put on lid with press in top position
  6. Let sit 4 minutes, then press!



2 Responses to “A Perfect Cup of Coffee”

  1. Rene Martin Says:

    Hum, I’m a let it sit 8 min gal…

  2. Ky Says:

    I love it, enjoying a perfect cup right now (well almost, it’s no Transcend, but I still love ethical bean for the everyday cup). And Ren, trust the 4 minute thing, WAY better!

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