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Saucy Sangria September 6, 2011

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This is my all time favourite summer drink, but I can only justify making it when there are enough people around to drink it, which unfortunately didn’t happen often enough this summer. This is the result of a lot of trial and a few errors, but mostly a combination of my favourite aspects of sangria: fruit, not juice; extra boozy; not too sweet; not watered down. Drink, enjoy, but go slowly or pay for it the next day.

1 medium tart apple (I use Granny smith), sliced

1 lime, slice half and juice the other half

1 lemon, slice half and juice the other half

1 large navel orange, slice half and juice the other half

Optional: some bashed up raspberries or blackberries are nice, as are sliced peaches or mangoes

1 bottle decent Spanish wine (I like garnache or tempranillo, but a decent shiraz will do in a pinch)

1/2 cup Grand Marnier (Orange & Brandy is a cheaper version that gets the job done for this and other cooking projects, just not for drinking. Alternatively, a nice cognac or brandy will work, but you may want another orange in there)

1/3 cup agave syrup or 1/2 cup sugar

1. Put everything in a jug.

2. Stir it.

3. Let sit and marinate in the fridge for 6-8 hours. I usually make it while having my morning coffee and then it’s ready for the cocktail hour (around 4pm in my house).

4. Enjoy! Serve with a splash of sparkling water (or not, depending on your mood. I’m happy to drink it straight up!)



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