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Pesto in a Pinch August 10, 2011

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I spent the better part of Saturday making carrot pickles (post to come), including harvesting the 8 lbs of dill that I pulled out of my back bed where I had obviously let some dill go to seed last summer. Anyway, it was one of those days where everything took longer than I thought; more dill to deal with than I thought, forgot to buy the garlic, broke a jar everywhere , etc, etc. So at 6:10pm, when I was finally finished with the pickles, I realized that I had no idea what to feed my already starving children. Thankfully I had picked up my CSA veggies the day before, and had heard tell of the possibility of a pesto made from garlic scapes; they say that necessity is the mother of invention and, in this case, a very tasty invention. Dinner was on the table in 12 minutes flat, and most of that time was boiling water and cooking pasta; the pesto was ready in about 2 minutes and was an unadulterated success with children and parents alike. I can’t believe I’ve never made pesto before, but I know I will be making it again. We had ours with grated gruyere and fresh pepper and sea salt on top. Yummmmm.

1 handful garlic scapes (about 5 or 6)

1 big handful basil

1 big handful pinenuts (walnuts would also work here and possibly pecans. If I wanted to go nut free, I think I might just leave this out altogether and add a little extra cheese)

1 big handful fresh grated parmesan

Drizzle or two of olive oil (probably no more than 1/4 cup total)

1. Throw everything but the olive oil in the food processor. Feel free to add your own flair; toast the pinenuts, add other herbs, try some arugula in there, use roasted garlic scapes instead of raw or just straight up roasted garlic; use your imagination and fridge (or garden) contents. Pulse until fairly evenly chopped.

2. Turn the processor to on and pour olive oil in through feed tube until desired consistency is reached.

3. Toss with fresh pasta (and maybe a little more olive oil), top with cheese, salt and pepper and serve. Or freeze for another day. Or spread on baguette rounds, top with brie and broil for a minute. Or roll it up in puff pastry. Or spread it on a pizza crust and top the way you will. Or, well, you get the point.





One Response to “Pesto in a Pinch”

  1. Rene Martin Says:

    I used to freeze my pesto in ice-cube trays (one cube is good as an individual spread). Really good as a spread on a portabello mushroom burger. Or chicken burger. Or a sandwich. Oh, now here I go….

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