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Pork tortillas June 16, 2011

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Like Katie, I love pork.  And recipes that are basically done when you get home from work.  Oh, and things wrapped in a tortilla shell.  This has it all.  Easy and tasty, this recipe was a hit with my family and I.  I modified this recipe, and didn’t make the salsa, just used a jarred salsa verde.  I followed the spice amounts recommended (with some modifications in content), but in retrospect, I should have doubled them.  That’s how I’m posting it here – doubled – so let me know if this is a mistake.


The stuff

1 pork shoulder (~ 2 lbs)
2 onions, quartered
6 crushed garlic cloves
4 t oregano
4 t cumin
3 t chili powder
2 t Mesa Rosa Chipotle
2 t paprika
2 t ground pepper
1 1/2 t salt


The method – Mix garlic through salt into a bowl.  Place shoulder in slow cooker and coat with the spice mix.  Throw in onions and cook on low for 7-8 hours (or on high for 4).  I mixed it around at about the 6 hour mark, breaking up the pork and coating it with the spice/juice mix.

Pork tortilla



Spoon some of the pork onto a tortilla shell and top with guacamole (avocado, garlic, salt and lemon), sour cream (I use Mediterranean yogurt), chopped tomatoes, diced green onions, and salsa verde.  Wrap it up and brown it in a pan for a couple of minutes. 

Cheers! Ren






2 Responses to “Pork tortillas”

  1. Ky Says:

    Ren, I am seriously impressed, and not just that you posted something finally, that looks awesome! Thanks for the recipe!

    • yes, I did promise that I would finally make something outside of our blog. I’m going to try to continue this trend, ‘though I suppose last night’s meal of packaged ravioli and jarred pasta sauce might not cut it…

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