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Pain au Chocolat February 22, 2011

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It turns out that long weekends spent with your sister in your mom’s kitchen is the perfect time for 2 day baking projects that require, apparently, a lot more muscle than we had individually. This recipe was taken from Dinner with Julie almost verbatim, so I am not going to re-post all of the instructions here, just provide some tips we thought of as we went along, and of course, after 7 or 8 taste tests.

1. She did not let the yeast sit to activate, looking back, I think it would be a good idea to let it get foamy before moving on the the next step, as ours could have risen a bit more than they did.

2. We could not get as much flour in our dough as she did and I think we may have consequently over kneaded a bit; I would suggest stirring as long as you can, even when it seems too difficult.

3. Have someone on hand to trade off with on the rolling unless you have really beefy arms.

4. We decided you could increase the butter content (health conscious readers beware). We noticed that the last couple of layers, where we realized we had to use more butter or risk not getting it all in there, separated better in the baking process. Adding another 1/4 – 1/2 cup of butter to the total certainly wouldn’t hurt anything (other than your heart and your butt/thighs/waist/etc.)

5. If using an oven that is foreign to you, bring a thermometer; turns out my mother’s oven cooks REALLY hot.

Even with all those little changes, this was definitely worth doing and fairly easy if you have the time. The dough can be frozen after all the layers are put in, so this would be an impressive and fast breakfast for weekend company if you made up the dough a month ahead of time. Overall, I am pretty happy with our first attempt and would love any tips anyone else might have.


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  1. Please tell me you brought some home… Ren

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